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New Rule

Anything I think will be funny in a bitter, snarky way must be edited three times before I hit the Post button. I have just read over some older posts and have concluded that I am a Mean Girl, Cady. I am a bitch.

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NaNo Prep: Don’t Waste a Single Moment



NaNo Prep is here! Whether you’re planning your November novel down to the final scene, or soaking up inspiration for spontaneous story creation, we’ve got the tools you need to make this year’s NaNoWriMo your most successful ever. Today, author Eileen Goudge shares why a writer shouldn’t look for time, but should take long baths:

I was recently reminded, reading novelist Claire Cook’s inspiring (and hilarious) book, Never Too Late, that every author has his or her own “sure-fire” method for writing. Mine is simple: I commit to writing at least a paragraph a day. Almost never do I stop at one. In fact, once I get going it can be hard to stop. Try it. It works.

When I used to teach writing the question I got asked most often was, “Where do you find the time?” Good question. Where did I find the time? When my kids were little, I envied parents who worked outside the home. They got to sit at a desk that wasn’t in the kitchen. They could talk on the phone without a child screaming in the background. I wore shirts with spit-up stains to work. My typewriter represented the four food groups, with spaghetti sauce stains to go with the crumbs in the keyboard. And have you ever tried to type with a small child on your lap?

Along the way I learned a few tricks about time management, so here goes:

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Ellie Yong - AKA: SillyJellie

Add that second one down to the list of Impossible Projects: micro-pleated chiffon shaped across structures of lightweight wire and thicker nylon piping. Tacked to vertical bands anchored to a heavier-weight under-layer lined with a fine silk. Battery-powered seed lights wound in between and underneath ginkgo leaves with battery pack hidden at waist. Fabric-covered eyelet corset closure at back.

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This week I realized, among other things, that I work for a firm whose main income is from commissions made from collecting the accrued, unpaid interest on high-interest loans (most of which are now accruing interest at a different rate).  So my paychecks come from other peoples’ interest-bearing debt and are then relinquished by me to pay my interest-bearing debt.

Guys, I can’t help feeling it would be more productive for you all to get together and just cut out the middle stuff.  Since you are, effectively, trading off your interest money to one another, how about forgetting about the Money Filter that is me?

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Dear Impatient Lawyer:

If you have time to wander aimlessly around the office warning everyone that you won’t be in tomorrow or the next day and so you need us all to drop everything to make your copies and pull your files right away, then you have time to make your own copies and pull your own fucking files.
We do not. Do it yourself. I promise it’s still easy to count.

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